Thursday, August 28, 2008

Quarterly Scans

Time to celebrate - the results are in from Evan's quarterly scans, the MRI, CT scan, and Bone scan.
Everything looks good!! :)

The bone scan was negative - there is a slight change in his pelvis due to the radiation he endured, but it's stable now and we'll keep watching it with each scan. The CT was clear and the MRI was stable with no change. What's left of Evan's tumor remains in his bladder, kind of spread out at the base of the bladder and along the prostate. As long as it's stable with no change than we can breathe a sigh of relief - and thanks.

Thank you to everyone who prays and sends positive energy to Evan - he looks wonderful and is just thriving! Evan will continue to have quarterly scans, every three months, for the next two years. But for now we concentrate on busy everyday life, back to work and school. Evan started preschool this week and really loves it. It's wonderful to see him doing normal everyday things and the excitment with which he does it. God is good and we are so very thankful.

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