Monday, April 14, 2008

Final Day of Chemo

Well...this is it. I'm sitting in the hospital, while Evan naps, waiting on his final infusion of chemotherapy. It's hard to believe that we've been fighting this cancer with chemotherapy for 11 months already. In some respects it feels like we've doing doing this forever and yet really, it's just flown by.

Evan is amazing, he's tolerated this arduous treatment beautifully. Not only has he tolerated it, he's thriving, as he blossoms into an energetic and curious three year old. I can't even begin to tell you how proud I am of him for the amazing little person he's becoming. It's fun to watch and I'm honored to be a part of it. Physically he's doing really well, no more bladder spams (thank God) and can you believe he's POTTY TRAINED!? It really only took a week (if that) and then he was in big boy underwear. He has great control of his bladder, which considering the intense radiation, is damn near amazing. I'm so thankful every time Evan pees. 11 months ago Evan had a Foley catheter and we didn't know if his tumor would shrink enough to allow him to urinate on his own. Now my son wakes up with a dry diaper after nap and tells me "Mama..I have to pee....A LOT". I love it! He's still dealing with some neuropathy in his legs from the vincristine chemo, but we've been told that hopefully in time that will resolve. It may take up to a year so we are going to start him in physical therapy to help it along.

I met with his oncologist today and the latest plan of action is to do his final scans - PET, CT, MRI and a Bone Scan at the end of April. Then they will know exactly how much of the tumor remains. At that point the urologist will most likely perform another biopsy to ensure that it is just "rhabdomyo blast" and not "sarcoma". If all turns out well then most likely he won't need surgery. They said they feel comfortable, based on past cases, to leave the remainder of the tumor in an effort to keep his bladder in tact. Hopefully there won't be much there and whatever is there is no longer active. We will know more the first part of May, but I'm feeling optimistic. We'll wait until all the pathology comes back clear before having his port-a-cath removed from his chest - won't that be a happy day!!

So much information, I'll let you all know more as I know more! I'll be posting some pictures from today and tomorrow too. All the nurses and doctors are so excited that he's done with treatment and they even put a cool sign on his hospital room door that says "Congratulations Evan on completing Chemo!". It's very exciting and I pray that this really is the end of this phase of our journey.

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