Monday, March 31, 2008

Faces of Sarcoma

The picutre outside is Evan dancing! And the other is at clinic with Evan's friend Sean (also has rhabdo), they are doing crafts.
I found a great website that pays tribute to people who have battled sarcomas. I added Evan to the site under "stories of current fighters". And what a fighter he is, I'm so proud of his courage and strength.


Evan caught his first fish! :) It was lots of fun and super exciting for him.
Heroes for Children had the annual Heroes and Handbags event at the River Oaks Country Club last week. My friend Shannon went with me - Shannon's son, Sean, is the same age as Evan and also has Rhabdomyosarcoma in his bladder. We also both live in The Woodlands, what are the chances? :)
This is Jenny Scott (co-founder of Heroes for Children) and Mary Lou Fernandez (chair of the event) at the luncheon. A lot of money was raised for a wonderful charity -It was a great time and I was really happy to be included!

Thursday, March 27, 2008

Evan's sweet friend, Elizabeth, at the Texas Children's Hospital Cancer Clinic. She's a doll and really likes Evan (especially if he's playing with his cars)!
This was a special day for us, our last irinotecan infusion - EVER! What a great day, we are so happy to be done with this phase of our treatment!! We have one more admission to the hospital for a VAC 24 hour infusion in a couple of weeks and then we await our scans. We are scheduled for a PET scan, bone scan, MRI and CT for the end of April.
Night Easter Egg Hunting at Nana and Papa's!
We were at the hospital getting chemo on Easter, so we had a night Easter egg hunt when we got back. Evan had a great time and found some of the coveted "golden eggs". :)

Wasting time at the hospital, waiting for them to make our irinotecan chemo. Irinotecan is on five day cycles that sometimes run into the weekend, which brings us into the hospital as opposed to just the clinic.

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Slide Fun

Our Park

Evan named this duck "Charlie" - he wants to take it home! We visit it several times a week.

We walk to this park all the time - it's close to our house and Evan loves it.


Evan loves painting - he'd do it every single day if he could!

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Glass Bead Bracelet

At the clinic, a sweet volunteer helped Evan make a glass bead bracelet for his Nana. He was so proud of it, picked out each bead specifically and was very serious about the placement - in true Evan fashion!

Making Cookies