Tuesday, December 18, 2007

It's the official Santa picture! Notice the clenched hands and half smile, he was extremely nervous but managed to say faintly "cars" when asked what he wanted from Santa. It was a big day for Evan and it was all he could talk about the whole night! :)

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Evan is all about Christmas!! He loves all the decorations and lights (especially the lights). He did get to sit on Santa's lap at the clinic, but couldn't manage to tell him what he wanted. He just stared at him with wide eyes and was stiff as a board! We are going to try again though, he talks about how he needs to tell Santa what he wants. We shall see how it goes!

Evan's best friend, his cousin Grace - playing dress up. Grace was all about dressing up and he was more into chasing her around with his trucks! It's hard to believe she's 8 months older than he is because he's bigger, but she sure can talk circles around him. Pretty sure it'll be that way forever! :)

Riding the horse at clinic - good times while we wait and wait and wait and wait!

Evan's Aunt Katy came to visit and they had a blast, nothing like a captive audience to play cars with!