Thursday, September 27, 2007

So it's week 16 into treatment and we officially had our evaluation. It's good news...Evan's tumor has reduced in size by approximately 52%! It seems that radiation, all our hard work and all the prayers are making a difference! We feel so blessed that things have gone so well so far, and we know that the tumor will continue to shrink. Chemo continues now weekly, we are starting another 5 day round today actually. It was a nice to have a break for evaluation, but now it's back to the routine of the hospital and clinic.


Auntie said...

Evan...I'm so proud of how well you did with your access today. You are such a trooper!!! What wonderful news that your tumor has shrunk so much. I know God is working here. I love you so much my sweet boy.

robertthred said...

Glad to see he is feeling better. My name is Rob and I am one of the board members of the Alcott Arts Center, I came by to see your/his blog and to drop you a note to say all of us here are rooting for him, and there are alot of hopes and prayers coming your way. Hopefully after the Comedy Night there will be alot of money coming your way too.