Thursday, August 23, 2007

We have a blast on the 16th floor of Texas Children's Hospital playing the games, the race car driving game being E's favorite of course! Auntie and Auntie Meems (my sisters) were visiting with us on this day. It's nice to go to a floor in the hospital where only fun things happen, no ouchies as Evan would say. :)

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Auntie Bea said...


Thank you, thank you for a history of what's going on with EVAN!!!
It helps put the bits and pieces together.

How wonderful that the radiation is finished and the ''smiles, playing with trucks and getting on with a good life'' are beginning.

He looks great. How good it must be to have a house to go to. What would we do without family! I know this has been a real challenge for all of you. Please know that our thoughts and prayers are with you daily.

We look forward to seeing him. I'm sure Julia would love to have a cousin to play with. She and Dylan are doing fine and growing so fast. We are thankful.

Give Evan a BIG hug. Take care of yourselves.


Auntie Bea