Wednesday, August 22, 2007

First Time Blogger

OK, here we go. We have set this blog up so that Leslie and I can share our thoughts and feelings regarding our beloved Evan. Also, to keep everyone up to date regarding his treatment. Feel free to leave your comments and/or questions. Leslie and I both will have access to post and comment.



Donna said...

Hi Brad & Leslie. I was so sorry to hear about Evan. My gosh, I hope he is doing better, poor little guy. I know how hard this can be on a family, having a nephew who went through chemo himself and seeing how hard it was on my sister and her family. How is he doing? And just as important, how are you doing? My prayers and thoughts are with you. Hang in there and know that there is a light at the end of the tunnel. I miss you guys! Your friend,
Donna Wynkoop

Laura and Robert said...

Hi Brad & Leslie. We are friends of Brian's. My husband and Brian work together. Brian told us about your little boy and all that is going on with him. We wish him ALL the best and hope all goes well. We will be thinking of him. And he is a doll!!!

Laura & Robert Copeland

Jim & Laurie said...

Brad, Leslie & Evan, We've been keeping track of Evan's progress and successes through the various stages of treatment. We finally made it to the blog site and wanted to tell you how great Evan's pictures are and the blog site is truly inspiring. We've kept you all in our prayers and will continue to do so. Wishing you holiday blessings, Jim & Laurie