Friday, August 24, 2007

Here's Evan on his last day of radiation. I didn't take much pictures the last three weeks or so of radiation, honestly because he was so sick that I couldn't bear to take them. But I realized that we decided to document his journey with pictures in the beginning and they couldn't all be cutesy pictures. Some of them had to depict the terrible stuff that's happening. He's lost weight and had no energy towards the end. I think I speak for Brad when I say that we were out of energy towards the end too. Those were tough days and we are soooo glad radiation is over. Evan's holding a tile in his hand that his Daddy drew for him, it will go on the wall at Methodist in the Oncology Radiation department. He was so proud of it! We also go to ring a bell at his last was awesome!

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Brad said...

I know I speak for Leslie when I say that Evan was the biggest boy during this period of time; he tolerated the radiation and chemo treatments the best he could. We were and still are so proud of him.