Thursday, August 30, 2007

Evan Goff Snoddy

Evan Goff Snoddy

It's our first fundraiser event!!! :)

The Alcott Arts Center, in Kansas City, is sponsoring a comedy event in Evan's honor on October 5th. Comedian Tim Gaither will be headlining the event (other comedians, yet to be announced, will perform) with all proceeds going to Evan's medical fund through Bank of America. We are so thankful to Chuck Alcott for donating the venue, as well as Tim Gaither for organizing the event and donating his talent and time. I'm amazed at the generosity and support that we've recieved and we are so very appreciative.

I'm excited to be attending the event and will take plenty of pictures ot update the blog!

Check out the above link to read about Evan's evening! Also ~ check out the Alcott Arts Center site to see all the wonderful things they are doing in their community.

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