Thursday, August 30, 2007

Evan Goff Snoddy

Evan Goff Snoddy

It's our first fundraiser event!!! :)

The Alcott Arts Center, in Kansas City, is sponsoring a comedy event in Evan's honor on October 5th. Comedian Tim Gaither will be headlining the event (other comedians, yet to be announced, will perform) with all proceeds going to Evan's medical fund through Bank of America. We are so thankful to Chuck Alcott for donating the venue, as well as Tim Gaither for organizing the event and donating his talent and time. I'm amazed at the generosity and support that we've recieved and we are so very appreciative.

I'm excited to be attending the event and will take plenty of pictures ot update the blog!

Check out the above link to read about Evan's evening! Also ~ check out the Alcott Arts Center site to see all the wonderful things they are doing in their community.

Wednesday, August 29, 2007

National Children's Cancer Society

National Children's Cancer Society

September is Childhood Cancer Awareness Month, and you can make a difference.

Wear a gold ribbon on your lapel. The gold ribbon is the official color of children with cancer worldwide and is supported, recognized and promoted by hundreds of organizations and treatment centers, families, friends and caregivers.

Consider asking your child’s school to recognize this month.

Contact your local library and ask them to feature books about childhood cancer during September.

Write a letter to the editor of your local newspaper that informs readers about childhood cancer.

Ask your employer or co-workers to recognize childhood cancer awareness month by wearing a gold ribbon during September or sponsor a “dress down” day, with the proceeds benefiting a specific child or the N.C.C.S.

Write your elected officials about the need for increased funding for childhood cancer programs and research

Friday, August 24, 2007

Evan still loves his trucks, I couldn't get him to stop looking at it long enough to look at me for the picture! He also loves his hats...yeah, he's adorable. :)

Evan in his new home in The Woodlands...and there's Nana working hard to get it ready for us. Evan and I are excited to move into our house next weekend, we sure are lucky to have such an amazing family to make it all possible!

Somebody's starting to feel better!! There's more playing and smiles now which makes everyone feel better! :)

So with the completion of radiation came the removal of the Foley!! Yea!!!! Unfortunately came more pain and another lengthy hospital stay! The bladder spasms that Evan has are very painful and incredibly hard to control. We had been using oral morphine but at the end of radiation we needed a morphine pump that seemed to make a big difference. I have to say the worst part of all this has been Evan's pain, nothings worse than seeing your child hurt. Now we are out of the hospital and back on oral morphine. It is getting better though, the farther we get from radiation the better his pain it seems.

This is Peggy the recovery nurse at Methodist. Evan had to be sedated every day for his treatments - it was hard on him and us, but the nurses and doctors there made it so much more bearable. It's amazing the bond you form with people that are caring for your child. Both Brad and I feel blessed to have had the staff at Methodist be involved in Evan's treatment, they were amazing.

Here's Evan on his last day of radiation. I didn't take much pictures the last three weeks or so of radiation, honestly because he was so sick that I couldn't bear to take them. But I realized that we decided to document his journey with pictures in the beginning and they couldn't all be cutesy pictures. Some of them had to depict the terrible stuff that's happening. He's lost weight and had no energy towards the end. I think I speak for Brad when I say that we were out of energy towards the end too. Those were tough days and we are soooo glad radiation is over. Evan's holding a tile in his hand that his Daddy drew for him, it will go on the wall at Methodist in the Oncology Radiation department. He was so proud of it! We also go to ring a bell at his last was awesome!

Thursday, August 23, 2007

We have a blast on the 16th floor of Texas Children's Hospital playing the games, the race car driving game being E's favorite of course! Auntie and Auntie Meems (my sisters) were visiting with us on this day. It's nice to go to a floor in the hospital where only fun things happen, no ouchies as Evan would say. :)

Here is Evan in the hospital, we've had many hospital stays for a variety of things from infections, to pain control. He's a trooper....

The three of us at that little water park. Sara and Joseph, Evan's Aunt and Uncle, were with us too! That was a fun day for sure.
Here Evan is with his Daddy at a water park in the Medical Center in Houston.
This is at the beginning of his radiation and we were staying in a Holiday Inn next to the hospital for six weeks of his treatment. There was this little park near by that we could walk to and look at the water, Evan loved it. We loved it to, this is when things start getting rough with both radiation and chemo Evan's good days were dwindling so seeing him smile made our day.
Evan's love...Tessie, his Nana and Papa's dog. They've spent a lot of time together, she's been wonderful for him and he loves bossing her!

This picture is blurry, but he had a blast with bubbles this day...still in June. This is before radiation started so he's just getting chemo treatments weekly and tolerating them well.

Now it's 6/14/07 and we've figured out a way to keep his foley clipped to his monkey backpack. That really helped to keep him on the move. HE loved his back pack..he even made up a song for it! The hair is shorter you see, as it started to fall out we buzzed it. He thought that was the coolest, to have a big boy hair cut. I however cried while I cut it! It's funny though, now I don't miss his hair at all. I'm telling you bald IS beautiful. :)
A little later on after we've moved to The Woodlands and Evan has the hang of the foley. His Papa made a "pee cart" out of a kids golf club caddy to hold is foley bag. He went everywhere with it, amazingly it didn't slow him down too much at all!

Evan at the beginning of this journey...still in Ft. Worth at Cook Children's and still with hair! :) He's saying "cheese" in this picture. Those first few days and weeks were a blur, finding out his diagnosis was shocking to put it mildly and if it hadn't been for our family I'm not sure how we would have made it through.

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

First Time Blogger

OK, here we go. We have set this blog up so that Leslie and I can share our thoughts and feelings regarding our beloved Evan. Also, to keep everyone up to date regarding his treatment. Feel free to leave your comments and/or questions. Leslie and I both will have access to post and comment.